In the little village of Bethany, Mary found her purpose in life seated at the Master's feet. We, too, can find our resting place in Him. As we settle in to that place where the cares of life fail to distract us and His purpose for us becomes clearer, we see Him for what He truly is, the loving Father of us all.
Learn from champions in the faith the secrets of perseverance in the face of great trial, see the face that Moses saw when He met with God on the mountain, glean from the insights of those who have successfully gone before us and received their heavenly crowns.
This is the story of the One who is never far from us as we travel on life's journey. Arranged somewhat incrementally, these lessons of the faith are deliberately simple at first, then gradually increasing in depth as the road continues upward and draws closer to Him. Perfect for personal devotions or group study, these essays speak to the place in every heart that longs to know Him in a more intimate way.


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